Brian “ZixZ” Skarda is retiring from competitive gaming, according to a post made to TwitLonger Tuesday Tuesday afternoon.

Citing financial troubles as his primary reason for leaving the scene, Zixz explained that playing competitive Heroes has drained his savings over the last year and he can no longer keep things going as they are.

“I loved being on Tempo Storm and I’ve never had more fun following this dream of mine than when I was playing with Tazza, Syracuse, Bobbyhankhill, and Fan. But pursuing competitive Heroes really killed my savings and still has been (though its been less so because Blizzard and Tempo Storm have treated me so incredibly well.)”

Zixz went on to say that he will be returning to school so he can pursue his masters degree, which he put off to the side so he could compete in Heroes of the Storm. On the note of people thinking that the scene is slowly reaching its limit, with multiple organizations either dropping their HotS lineups or considering withdrawing their support for the game, Zixz said that he still believes that the game has potential to continue growing.

“I don’t think Heroes is dying and despite the doom&gloom lately I think it is headed in the right direction for a great future. I will certainly be playing the game still in my free time because I do truely still love it! This decision is being made because of my own life goal timeline and not because people believe its the end of the world due to heroes’ rough start.”

He then thanked his followers, including those that have stuck around since his time on Cloud9 Vortex.

Tempo Storm has not yet commented on the retirement announcement, and there is currently no word on who will be filling the now-empty support role.

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