For anyone who uses EA’s Origin client, they’re currently in the process of giving the system a much needed facelift. According to a NeoGAF posting that went up this morning, for those that opted-into the Origin beta releases will notice a number of changes than what they’re already used to.

The system is now based on a tile design, similar to the current Windows UI and what some players are used to with the Xbox One layout. It’s a much simpler design overall, with the chat and friends buttons having been moved to the bottom and the game library is much more streamlined to give you a clearer idea of what you have and what is currently in the process of being updated, with Origin even going so far as to tell you which friends are playing what and whether or not they’re playing right now.

The store has also received some changes, as its better integrated into the overall design, meaning you get a better look at the available games without having to do as much scrolling this time around or deal with as many cumbersome menus.

The full rollout of the redesign will come in the next couple of months, though no official date was given, but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like a change for the better, as sometimes simpler is better. Stay tuned for more information on the ever changing Origin client as it becomes available.

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