If you have been obsessed with all things Pokémon recently and have been awaiting updates for the upcoming Sun & Moon games set to drop in November; new screenshots have just been spotted on the Amazon Japan website.

A slew of new images were added to the game’s listing, while we get to see new images for the game the screenshots have not been officially released by Nintendo.
A full view of the starting lineup of Pokémon, Litten, Rowlett, and Popplio can be seen on what looks like a wooden platform with totems taking up the background. Another interesting screenshot gives us a glimpse at what appears to be a four way battle between Pikachu and the three starters. The 3D graphics as opposed to the sprites we’ve seen in earlier games really seem to shine in this game as your character explores vast mountain landscapes and sunny streets with palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. We also get a glimpse of what looks like the players map with an icon for the player and a flag indicating objectives; a system that we haven’t seen before and should make finding things a lot easier. Take a look at the new screens in the gallery below.

If Nintendo go has kept your taste buds for Pokémon satisfied fear not because their might be compatibility with Sun and Moon. Stayed tuned for more updates coming soon.


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