No Man’s Sky has reached its final trailer focuses on its fourth and final pillar of gameplay, Survival. The trailer is aptly names Survive and you can watch it below.

As you journey throughout the universe searching for new planets to discover, wildlife and giant robots won’t be the only thing coming to kill you. Now the player will have to have specific equipment for their suit to be able to survive the possible environmental conditions, toxicity, cold, heat, and radiation. On these planets, the players suit can only handle so much of these environments. “Some planets will have extreme temperatures – from freezing lows to scorching highs – while others are drenched in toxic rain, heavily irradiated or completely submerged.

However, players will have the opportunity to upgrade their suit to make surviving these harsh environments easier. Use of different elements and materials found on planets can be used for these upgrades. Not only will your suit be able to handle these conditions easier, but it will make your running, jumping, sustainability, etc. better making traversing even lush planets easier. Death will have an extreme impact on your progress as you will lose all of your collected resources, damage your technology, and spawn you back at your last save point. So make sure that you are over prepared when heading out into unexplored territory!

The other big concern on these planets are wildlife (as stated before), therefore making upgrading your suit’s technology, but your arsenal as well, which will give a nice balance to the game. All parts of No Man’s Sky’s gameplay features are interconnected to make each feel balanced in their own way. You can trade materials to help upgrade your tech, which helps you survive in combat and while exploring new dangerous environments.

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No Man’s Sky is set to release on PS4 August 9th, 2016 while PC will allegedly be available August 12th, 2016. Ione can only hope  that Hello Games will be able to deliver on their promises for the ultimate survival/exploration experience. The stage is now all set, let’s see if Hello Games can really deliver.


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