Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer Mercury Steam showed off its next project Raiders of The Broken Planet during the Gamelab Barcelona 2016 conference.

Chief game designer for Mercury Steam Enric Alvarez  narrates the lengthy video, which goes in-depth concerning the game’s key mechanics (read: third-person cover shooting similar to Gears of War) as well as some twists on melee combat and character progression.

Alvarez explains that Raiders of The Broken Planet is “a game with a strong narrative, characters, and conflicts between them.”

He explained that the campaign will be playable offline or with friends online and that the Western The Magnificent Seven was the studio’s main inspiration. The games will key pillars of gameplay will tie into the themes of the story offering “narrative driven rich missions, [playing] solo or co-op, [and] join the enemy.” 

“We have a group of characters that are united in a very random manner. They share nothing and are looking for their own stuff, so watch out who you turn your back on.”

The game will follow an episodic release schedule which the studio says will be offered at “an amazing price”. Money generated from each episode will go towards the development of future episodes as well, which allows it to “reach gamers without the marketing muscle of a publisher.”

The final pillar of gameplay is described by the phrase “You want my stuff? Come and get it” which ties into the games close-quarters melee combat.

Raiders of The Broken Planet will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no release date as of yet, but player can apply to join the beta on the games official website.




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