All across the nation, such a strange vibration! People in motion as they are exploring their environments and finding new things! Sometimes those new things are dead bodies, sometimes handcuffs, and even other times PUPPIES! Who doesn’t love puppies? You definitely should, and the fact that you can ‘rent’ them is just one of many crazy stories to come from Pokémon Go.

He’s Coming to be Taken Away

As a police officer, how easy is your job if the criminals you’re after come to you? Well for one officer in Milford, Michigan, this exact thing happened. The man in reference had a warrant out for his arrest, which would make you think to stay away from a Police Station. Apparently the lust for Pokémon was too much, and the man walked right up. Several officers outside recognized him from the warrant, and arrested him on sight. He’s since been through the system and after taking care of things is back out. Just goes to show you, pay attention or you just might be a Slowpoke.


Woman Finds Dead Body Playing Pokémon Go

Young Shayla Wiggins came across a scary sight while playing Pokémon Go. While on the hunt, she wandered to the edge of some water and found a dead human body. Reportedly spotting two deer, she thought perhaps she could find more virtual creatures near where the real ones were. As she got near the water she was staring intently at her phone and didn’t even notice the body not more than six feet away.

As of right now, the police don’t think the body was from a homicide but accidental. As sad as it it, Shayla probably helped to find the body quicker that it normally would have been found.

Children Refuse to Stay in their Pokeballs/Hospital Beds

pikachu_refuse_pokeballNo more will children be happy with staying in their Pokeball. Just like Pikachu, they prefer to be free and wander. Now with Pokémon Go, children at Mott’s Childrens Hospital have good reason and motivation to be out of their beds. With the new game, they once roamed the halls for their daily walks in silence. Now, each passing kid is an opportunity to compare Pokédex, trainer level, and team affiliation. It’s helping the children with depression, as it is a great way to make the children looking forward to getting up and walking around.

There are several PokéStops within the hospital, and nurses are roaming with the patients to help them become the very best, like no one ever was!


Chicago Choir Sings Pokémon Theme

Perhaps the biggest assets of Pokémon Go is the social aspect that comes along with it. Around the streets of Chicago there was a massive meetup of people around the Cloud Gate statue, better known as the Bean. With it being a stop, and someone placing a lure, hundreds congregated here. What happened next though was beautiful. A chorus of the first Pokémon Theme broke out with everyone participating. It may not have been as beautiful as Jigglypuff’s singing, but it certainly didn’t put anyone to sleep.  It’s these kind of random happenings that make Pokémon Go such a wondrous game that we’ve all been waiting since 1996 for.

Pokémon Beats Porn for a Day

We all know that porn is the reason the Internet exists. I mean, Avenue Q even wrote a song about how the Internet is for Porn. But for one glorious day, Pokémon Go surpassed porn in terms of google searches! YouPorn even conceded defeat in a tweet. They didn’t seem too worried, as they knew people would be back to Tanglea their Diglett the next day. It does go to show just how massively popular the app is. By now the searches have gone down, but for one glorious moment the world wasn’t thinking in the gutter. Just imagine if Pokémon became real, the searches for porn would never be lower! (Sorry YouPorn)

A Reason to Walk Shelter Dogs


Photo Credit: Cieaomi – DeviantArt

Ever wish you could take your Growlith out for a stroll? Well a New Mexico animal shelter is capitalizing on that idea by offering ‘rentals’ of dogs so people can walk them while playing Pokémon Go. It’s gotten so popular that at the time the article was written, 10 of the 25  available dogs have been adopted. The extra social interactions the dogs have result in a similar way to the children from Mott’s hospital, it helps keep them in a good mood. You don’t need to be playing Pokémon Go though, as the shelter is encouraging everyone to come out and have fun with the pups.


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