Bethesda, at their conference during QuakeCon 2016 that just began yesterday, unveiled some intense game play for their upcoming game, Prey. Bethesda and Arkane Studios have assured us that this game will be completely different from the previous Prey title they released in 2006 and this first look confirms that. Take a look at the trailer released below.

Main character Morgan Yu, armed with a pistol, a shotgun, and supernatural abilities embarks on a horrifying exploration of a ship now haunted by creatures unlike anything we have ever seen before.

From one of Morgan’s audio logs shown in the video, we get a glimpse of a story revolving around intense surveillance and paranoia which only strengthens the feel of claustrophobia players will get while venturing through the cramped and dilapidated corridors of this creepy space station.

Bethesda hinted at Prey’s launch previous at E3 and now that this gameplay footage has been released, what do you think about the new Prey game? Tell us int he comments below and continue to stop here for more news.


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