The critically acclaimed narrative-driven game from The Chinese Room, Dear Esther is getting a port to consoles with some brand new features and some graphical updates. The game originally released for PC only in 2012 and since has been a must have title, and finally those on consoles will be able to experience it for themselves.


With the new name Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, the game will be released on September 20th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 priced at $9.99. The Landmark Edition will include director’s commentary. Developers Jessica Curry, Dan Pinchbeck, and Rob Briscoe have reunited for the first time in years for this project, “reacquainting themselves with the game which made the studio a global name.” The game will also have “graphical and gameplay tweaks which finesse the experience on consoles.

The release of the game will kick off a month long celebration of the game. It will include an event hosted by The Guardian on September 30th. It will include Curry and Pinchbeck discussing the history of the game starting as a Half-Life mod and then coming to be it’s own stand along console title. You can get tickets for that here.

Then on October 14th, The Barbican has a live performance of the game’s soundtrack. Like Nintendo’s Symphony of the Goddess performances, it will have a live orchestra accompanying an on-stage playthrough and narration of the game. Tickets to that are available here.


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