Id Software has been giving several updates and content since Doom‘s release earlier this year. Executive producer Marty Stratton sat down with for an interview with Gamespot and gave some detail for what the future of Doom holds.

Id is apparently working on adding a free-for-all deathmatch mode at the request of the fans. Stratton said,

“It’s what a lot of players have been requesting. All of our modes coming out of the gate were team modes, and there’s been a lot of requests. We wanted to include it, and a lot of fans have requested it.”

It has yet to be decided whether the demon power up will be included in the new mode.

“We’ve gone back and forth on the demon, so I can’t actually confirm whether or not the demon is going to be part of deathmatch… There’s a purity [to] the deathmatch experience that we kind of feel like we want to maintain. That may end up being a non-demon mode when it comes out.”


When asked about customization settings for the new mode, Straton said

“[Deathmatch will] just be a playlist, but around the same time we are planning to release private matches where players can set up their own match and invite players to those matches. We’re still working out the exact level of customization we’ll have in that.

“But I think we’ll probably pick a direction initially when we release deathmatch, so when you play it through the playlist, it either does or does not have the demon. Then, gradually incorporate more of the customization into the private match functionality.”

There is also an update coming that will include a score attack mode for the campaign. However, no release date has been mentioned for the deathmatch, nor any announcement of single player DLC. Marty Stratton also mentioned Doom‘s map editor, of which there is a lot in the works.

“We want to do a much better job for people of aggregating that content, the best of that content, and surfacing it for them. Being able to quickly find it, find the best stuff, is something that I think you’ll continue to see us push on, and make it easier to even do that. ‘I want a PvP with PvE elements in it, how do I find that in the vastness of Snap Map?’ That’s really a big goal for us over the continued progression of the game.”

With all of this in mind, Doom fans will have a lot to look forward to, as id Software has been hard at work and will continue dropping content.


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