In a release yesterday, Optic Gaming has announced that they too will be joining the hunt in the upcoming Gears of War 4 MLG Pro Circuit. With a $1,000,000 prize pool at stake, Optic has cemented themselves with some of the best Gears of War players yet. This team secured a Season 1 Pro League win, and also made themselves known as they took a huge win at the MLG Open in Columbus. On paper, they are the best team in Gears of War right now playing with a full team.

Going into Gears of War 4, there will be an adjustment to the player count that has been 4v4 since Gears of War 1. There will be a new mode being played known as Escalation, which you can think of as a time delayed King of the Hill. This new mode being debuted for Gears of War 4, will feature a 5v5 team balance and will allow certain weapon spawn choices based upon the team’s overall doing.


Let’s meet the Optic Gaming Gears of War roster:

Chris “Lava” Anderson (Captain): As the team captain and shot caller, there are not too many situations where you won’t see Lava throwing advice to his teammates. If you watched his play style at all, you’ll also notice there is not a better grenade player on the circuit.

Billy “Mental” Putnam Jr.: Known as a top 3 sniper in Gears of War, Mental has secured some of the clutch snipes we’ve seen to date. Mental will surely be making his sniper comes Gears of War 4.

Gilbert “Xplosive” Rojo: As a support role, you can always count on Xplosive to have your back in a firefight. Whether pushing a weapon spawn or making that round saving callout, he has secured multiple wins for his team.

Justin “Kenny” Kenny: New to the team as of this year, Kenny helped EnemyGG secure a huge win a MLG Columbus with this team. While he is still learning the strategies and movements of his new teammates, it’s safe to say that his quick learning will carry this team far.

Alex “SuMuNs” Ascension”While SuMuNs is also new to the official roster, he acted as the team’s coach for the Season 2 Finals. Making his name on Gamebattles as the all time Gears of War point leader, SuMuNs brings more to this five man team than most teams could ever hope for.

Nicholas “Ashes” Ridgeway (Coach): Ashes has been the coach of this team for quite some time. Anybody that followed Denial in Season 1 can verify that Ashes puts in his homework. It’s often that you’ll see him standing behind his team with a notepad fit for the team they’re up against.

MLG NA Open Champions

You will be able to see this new OpTic squad live on October 22nd at the Gears of War 4 Invitational Event! This will be the kickoff event for so many more to follow as Gears of War makes it’s way around the world for the MLG Pro Circuit.

Congratulations to the new OpTic squad and best of luck in the upcoming events!

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