Overwatch revealed at Gamescom 2016 that will be adding a new Assault/Escort hyrbid map called Eichenwalde. This map is et in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany.

The site is famous for it’s battle during the Omnic Crisis. It was here that the leader of the Crusaders, Balderich von Alder, and a handful of his best soldiers made a last stand against an advancing automaton army. While out numbered and out gunned, they were ultimately slain during the attack. However, thanks to their valiant efforts, the German military was able to push back the omnic offensive and win the fight.

On this map, one team must escort a battering ram to the Eichenwalde Castle to reclaim Balderich’s remains from their current resting place. While the opposing team does everything in it’s power to stop the castle from being breached. You can view the map in more detail by checking out the video below.

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