With Overwatch Season 2 on the horizon, Blizzard is making some massive changes to prevent some serious heartbreak.

As great as Overwatch is for its fansit certainly isn’t perfect. However, as the Competitive Mode is still working out kinks and finding it’s footing. One thing being worked on specifically is the skill rating system, which Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan once described as “a mistake”. So it’s really no surprise to hear about these big changes coming in Season 2.

In the above Developer Update, Kaplan talks over what exactly is changing in Overwatch’s Competitive Mode. First off, the skill rating is no longer going to be percentile based. Instead of running from 1-100, it will now stretch from 1-5,000. This will allow fewer matches where your needle isn’t moving.

With that being said, Blizzard is hoping that you’ll stop worrying about your number and focus on the new Overwatch tiers, of which, there will be seven. Once you’ve reached your particular skill tier, you won’t drop out of it if your skill rating goes down right away. Basically, if you’re a gold Overwatch player, you stay a gold Overwatch player even on a bad day.

Finally, players with vastly different skill ratings will not be able to group up, and you’ll find the need to play at least 50 matches in a season to break into the top 500. This is to prevent you from winning a few lucky matches and then retiring on a perfect win record to sit there amongst the top rankings.


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Overwatch Competitive Mode drops Sudden Death and Coin Toss

Now that we’ve discussed the changes to the skill rating, let’s look at some other ways that Overwatch Competitive Mode will be changing.

Game modes Sudden Death and Coin Toss are getting the kick. Ties are rare enough in Overwatch and Blizzard believes that letting them stand is less of a problem than keeping the unfair modes. Playing into a tie will award you more points than a loss, but less than a win.

Another addition to the aforementioned points, everything in Overwatch Competitive Mode is being multiplied by ten, however, this comes with everything costing ten times as much.

Finally, the time bank system being used on assault maps will be added to Overwatch’s hybrid and payload too.

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