Tanks, rocket launchers, and airstrikes, OH MY! The latest Worms game from Team 17 brings all these and more to the battlefield. Keeping in style with the classic Worms games, Worms: Weapons of Mass Destruction is a side view artillery strategy game. It will be blasting onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 23.

Initial Impression

When starting up Worms I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I’ve played other games in the series before, but each one is different. With the latest installment, however, it’s back to the roots and this is a very good thing. Right away, I’m whisked back to my younger years playing the original 2D Worms. In fact, this version seems like a callback in the best way, putting some Rose Colored Glasses on me and showing the world how it used to be. Except it never really looked quite this good. The environments are beautiful, with lots of little intricate locations to destroy. The scenery has a pretty painted feel to it, as if Bob Ross was commissioned to paint a Happy Little Battlefield.



Mutiplayer is integral to any Worms game, and WMD is no different. There is an AI portion of campaign play, totaling 30 missions at launch. These provided a fun introduction to the game, and allowed me to play and experiment with several different weapons and getting acquainted with the game. After these levels, online and local multiplayer will be available as well. In the build I had, no multiplayer was available but it will be for the full release.

What seems like a real potential is the online multiplayer. Just about every game is more fun with friends, and being able to have a casual banter about which worm will bite the dust first is something I’m really looking forward to. Based on previous games this is pulling from, and from what I’ve seen so far it will be. With the addition of a crafting system, it add in some potential that the people playing against you may not know exactly what is coming. While there doesn’t seem to be a real deep strategy mechanic, there is just enough to keep friends guessing just how their demise will be delivered.

Some of the new features that WMD brings to the table are vehicles and buildings. Now, your little wormy can commandeer a tank and drive all over the map, launching several volleys of highly explosive projectiles. The tank even has the ability to jump! Besides this, there is a helicopter to pilot. Flying up in the air, it’s rather difficult to control but is able to put down good firepower in a bottom mounted machine gun. However, to avoid both of these is a new defensive option. Buildings are now able to be entered! This provides several places to hid, plant traps, and lay in ambush.

Simple, Yet Fun

One of the most fun things with Worms games is that they are relaxing but competitive. It still takes skill, but there is no worry about lag, or hit detection, or APM, or lanes, just a nice simple friendly competitive game. One that will be great for both couch play and online, the potential for lighthearted rivalries is great. Nights when you just want to hop on with some friends and have fun will be well filled with Worms: WMD.

Take cover! Airstrike inbound!

Worms, Take cover! Airstrike inbound!

Worms W.M.D will be released on the August 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and is currently available to pre-order.

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