At Gamescon, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 released a new gameplay trailer titled Fight Together. The emphasis is on team combat and the new transformations earlier debuted in the previous trailer for all playable races.

The new trailer shows off new antagonists from the Dragonball universe. Broly, Bardock, and Great Ape Vegeta make an appearance, but newly revealed villains are Bardock’s Great Ape form as well as a corrupted version of your own player character. Dragonball Super characters are to make an appearance, including the very recent Black Goku as a pre-order bonus. Like the original Xenoverse, you’ll be able to create a custom character with the choice of four different races: Human, Saiyan, Freiza Clan and Namekian. The difference this time around being that each race will now get unique transformations, as opposed to just Saiyans getting the Super Saiyan ability.

Humans will be able to summon Nimbus and a staff to fight with, Saiyans can go even further beyond to Super Saiyan 3, Freiza Clan can take on gold form and Namekians can grow to an enormous size à la Lord Slug. More customization options from the original title are yet to be revealed, but this trailer shows that battles can now support six fighters at any given time in a battle. There’s a new story mode to try out and the hub world is vastly larger to explore.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 will release in North America on October 25th, Europe on October 28th and Japan on November 2nd for the PS4/Xbox One versions. The PC version of the game will release worldwide on October 28th.


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