More Nioh news from the Tokyo Game Show, with all new gameplay being shown off in a stream played by Koei’s own president, Yoichi Erikawa. He cut and slashed his way through a horrible hoard of spiders in a not before seen stage from the game. He favours the dual katanas, and showed off skills and abilities with both that and a ranged weapon, popping off the creepy crawlies from a distance.

The video ended with Yoichi Erikawa facing off against a boss monster, a half spider woman called Jorogumo. He doesn’t fare terrifically well in this fight, hanging on for about thirty seconds before he’s met with a game over screen. A Jorogumo is actually a giant spider that can shape change into a woman in Japanese folklore, but Nioh’s iteration of the creature has it simply as a hyrbid creature, similar to Quelaag from Dark Souls. Less lava spew-y though, assumingly.

The stage he plays in is a hilly town, being invaded by spider Yokai. They burst out of egg-sacks to attack the president, and are seen coming in groups. They stay reasonably giant spider sized, which is about knee high, and then a much larger one that is near the height of William appears to terrify all the arachnophobics watching. The Jorogumo seen later is obviously much larger, but does at least have the courtesy of having a pretty face.

Other news from the Tokyo Game Show is an official release date for the title, with Nioh launching worldwide on 9th of February, 2017. We also learnt about the game’s story with a quote from the developers, Team Ninja:

“Players will discover a deep and enticing world that blends history and Japanese folklore. The tough gameplay pits players against daunting and overpowering creatures, and encourages them to learn their enemies’ tactics to gain the advantage in battle”.

“The protagonist, William, is not alone against the perilous Yokai, as he will be accompanied by a diverse cast of characters who will aid him on his travels across Japan. Hanzo Hattori, the head of a famous ninja clan, is William’s guide through the country. Ginchiyo Tachibana (wife of Muneshige, the head of the Tachibana clan) will also help William on his quest with her skilled fighting abilities”.


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