Epic Games have released details for their beautiful MOBA Paragon’s latest update. The update adds a new hero as well as individual character celebrations known as emotes.

Some examples of the emotes include Gideon using his rift device as a hula hoop, Kallari slashing his throat, and Greystone inviting his enemy to fight. They can all be seen in the video below.

Lt. Belica is the newest hero to arrive for Paragon and is available for purchase now. She’s a Burst Caster who is at her best when zoning enemies and controlling mana. One such ability, Void Bomb, deals burst damage to an area and restores mana for every enemy it hits. Seismic Assault sends a wave of force in a straight line through the ground, knocking enemies into the air. Void Drone can be used in large areas to drain mana from enemies and deal damage when they use their abilities. Void Drone is best used before Lt. Belica’s Ultimate attack, which fires a nuke at enemies that can do more damage the less mana they have.

Epic has also noted that there are a number of changes in the patch that should decrease match length.

“Black Buff and Orb Prime respawn at quicker intervals and Orb Prime has dropped in health,” it said. “Additional changes have been made to minion interaction with structures and siege minion spawn rate.”

A full list of changes and additions is posted below:

General Changes

  • Lt. Belica is now for sale
  • Emotes are now for sale
    • The Vortex – Gideon
    • Fake Out – Twinblast
    • Invitation – Greystone
    • Cutthroat – Kallari
    • Standing By – Murdock


  • Reduced Black Buff Spawn time from 6 to 4 minutes
  • Reduced Black Buff Respawn time from 6 to 4 minutes
  • Reduced Prime Respawn time from 8 to 6 minutes
  • Reduced Prime Health from 17000 to 13600
  • Lowered siege minion targeting priority on towers and inhibitors. Reduced timing of siege minion spawning
    • Siege minions now spawn every other wave starting at 10 minutes then spawn every wave at 20 minutes
  • Fix for Hardcase Howitzer mesh


  • Splinterbark Vest (Community Pick)
  • Bounty Stalker
  • Stinger Boost


  • Added Polar Strike skin for Lt. Belica to the in-game store



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