Leap from moving truck to moving truck in a single bound. Soar through the air like an eagle, and smack your face on a wood beam. Dodge though a web of lasers and hope they don’t cut a limb off. Each of these activities and more are available to the budding Clustertruck aficionado!


Born from Boredom

How many times have you been driving down the road, bored, and imagined a little person leaping from place to place. When we were on the highway, I’d always use semi-trucks and billboards personally. Well it turns out that Wilhelm Nylund, CEO of Landfall Games, has also had this feeling as he was on a 17 hour bus ride. This started him on the idea of making a video game out of his roadway game. As a side project, he put together some trucks that you had to jump from one to the other in order to get to the end. This became a hit at the company, and full development of the game started.


Jump, You Fools!

In Clustertruck, you leap from the back of one semi-truck to another, never really stopping. The game is all about movement and instinct. Even though it is highly reliant on instinct, the game is simple to pick up right away. As the game progresses, the trucks just move forward, and don’t have side to side movement. That is…unless other objects get in the way. It would be too easy for the whole game to just jump from one place to another. Instead, the difficulty comes in from extra influces from the environment. Sometimes there are lasers, or swinging obstacles, or other things along those lines. There is always a new challenge, and while there may be themes, keeping on your toes is the key to success. You’ll die a lot, but instead of going into rage-mode, it’s a fun version of Dark Souls. Leap, die. Try this and that, die. Think too long about your next move, somehow die!

If You Let Them Build It…

With a planned 90 levels at launch, the gameplay is expected to be between 5 and 10 hours if you’re completely inexperienced with Clustertruck. However, if you beat all 90 that’s not necessarily the end. With high score systems, ghost replays, and speed running options available there is sure to be something to keep players interested. If that’s still not enough, there will be a level editor baked into the game with the ability to upload to the Steam Workshop. Play and create community levels, as this is where Wilhelm sees the longevity of the game residing.


If you’re interested in soaring from Clustertruck to Clustertruck in a single bound, check out the Steam page here. It is not available on consoles as of yet. Pre-orders are live now though, with the full game releasing on September 27th. For more information, check out the game’s homepage.

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Bobby C
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Bobby C is a veteran FPS and adventure gamer, starting with the NES and Super Mario Bros. The game that really started his love for the FPS Genre was Goldeneye for the N64. Since then, the love grew. From casual, to semi-pro COD with Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and back to casual, it’s a bad week when there isn’t at least 15 hours of games played.