Man the gun placements, we’ve got a horde of aliens inbound! Take the role of ‘Rock Gunar’ in Let Them Come by Klemen Lozar. Fight off the aliens, buy upgrades, and save the ship!

Computer Class Returns

PAX West had all kinds of games. From Shooters, Virtual Reality, 8-bit throwbacks, and even incredibly realistic action games, but none were quite like Let Them Come. I was transported back to the glory days of sitting in computer class and playing incredibly addictive games despite the glares from my teacher.  As we guide Rock, the main protagonist, there is no movement. Instead, only the mouse is used to roughly aim his mini-gun to mow down wave after wave of gruesome aliens. With each enemy killed, money is earned for upgrades.

Speaking of upgrades, the key to success is unlocking and upgrading the different weapons. These include increasing the fire rate, having throwing knives instead of a basic hand knife for melee, and better ammo. If you’re having trouble with certain waves, there’s solutions to that as well. Making use of the ‘Beastiary’ is critical for improving, and it can help defend from certain enemies by highlighting their weaknesses. With the help of this encyclopedia, and your guiding hand, Rock Gunar should be able to survive.


Old School meets New

Klemen Lozar also highlighted the sound system in the game, which is driven by a Boom Box on the menu/upgrade screen. Unlockable cassettes each have the names of the artist who created the tracks on them and play unique tunes to blast as Rock does his thing.

While seemingly old school graphics with the pixel art style, there is a bit of more modern things too. Most notably is the dynamic lighting system. As the mini-gun spins and rapports, the bullet flashes are in real time. Need to toss a grenade to take out a group? Its explosion too is dynamic. This, including Twitch.TV integration, are some really neat modern features in what seems on the surface to be a relatively simple game. With the integration, viewers can input codes into the chat to spawn creatures the streamer then has to kill. Viewers get points for use in the game, and can use them to buy lots of small creatures, or wait for a large number of points and buy a really big monster.


The End Game

As the game progresses, there are a total of 5 levels with 25-30 waves of enemies in each level. Let Them Come is not intended to be an incredibly intense game, but is instead just a fun little game to play for a bit, upgrade a few things and kill some waves of grotesque baddies, and then come back a bit later. The penalty of death is sometimes actually less than the penalty of continuing on, as there are consumables which can help win, but are only purchasable on the menu store with credits from kills.

Keep on the lookout for Gamer Assault Weekly’s update on Let Them Come, as there is no expected release date. Soon is all the developer would say. However, at launch it is expected to be on Steam, iOS, and Android. Head over to their official website for more information as well!

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