Remember playing RollerCoaster Tycoon as a kid? If you had a PC, you played it. Some actually played the scenarios, whereas the rest of us used the cheats to stock up money and build crazy roller coasters. Personally, my favorite part of the game was building a crazy big park and putting an “DO NOT ENTER” sign on the entrance of the park… Customers came in and gave me their money, but could never leave! No matter what your play style you will enjoy the upcoming RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

The game still has the same classic feel. You start out with your plot of land or classic scenario, check your budget, and start building away. Checking your guests reveals their likes and dislikes, so you build accordingly. For example, Cathy S. loves roller coasters that are intense, and has a high tolerance to nausea, but loathes a certain type of scenery. To appease her you would put a high speed roller coaster with a good amount of stomach droppers near the scenery that she feels neutral about.

The Community Manager of Atari, Adam McPolin, explained that there are huge overhauls to the scenery and how you use it. With the original RollerCoaster Tycoons, not many people bothered with the scenery unless you were in a scenario that required a certain amount of it. Now you are able to customize the scenery, and even build it from the ground up. For example, you could pick a western theme and build a saloon from the ground up if you aren’t happy with how the premade model looks.

Each accessory, wall, railing, and floor tile can be free placed or snapped into a grid. You also have the options to rotate the piece however you choose, change the angle, build multiple stories, or put the items halfway into the ground. If you have a piece of the park that you aren’t using, but you still want it to be aesthetically pleasing, drop a Mayan ruin scenery piece halfway into the ground at a slight angle, giving the appearance that it really is a ruin.

Remember building a roller coaster, and at the very end, the last piece of your ride didn’t line up with the queue area? You would have to delete your pieces and redo it multiple times, all while hoping that you actually managed to fix the problem. This definitely isn’t the case anymore! Now you can grab the end of the piece and freely edit it. Drag, angle, and twist the part however you like. The game gives you a larger section of track to edit so you aren’t fiddling with tiny pieces of a roller coaster puzzle.

Not only can you customize the scenery, but you can download scenery straight from other players. If you make a custom piece of scenery it gets saved as a blueprint under your account. From there you can make a choice to share it with thousands of other players. The same goes for rides. If you build the perfect roller coaster, save it, and share it with friends! Since the blueprint is saved you can put it in any park you own. Players can give your design a rating which may even put your creation on the front page!

The new RollerCoaster Tycoon World is a complete graphic overhaul of the older versions as well. The game still has everything you love but looks brand new with new textures, options, colors, etc. Remember linear pathing? Not anymore! create pathways in whatever style and direction you want. You even have the option to put a food stand inside your scenery… The options are limitless.

It is currently in early access, and when released will cost $49.99 for the standard version and $59.99 for the deluxe version. Check out the official website for more information!

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