David “Urban” Marsh and Trei “Zer0” Morris have departed Team Infused to join Team Orbit for an undisclosed fee, the organizations announced Wednesday.

Both players joined Team Infused as a part of their Call of Duty roster in September after taking their leave from their respective organizations, with Urban having left Vitality.Storm in September of 2015, which later disbanded, and Zer0 parting ways with Epsilon eSports.EU. Team Orbit says that they wish to build a new European roster around the two, but have not announced who will be joining them on the roster.

Support player Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland, who has been a part of the roster since July of last year, wished his former teammates luck with their future endeavors and assured fans that they would be moving past this to rebuild the lineup with himself and Adam “Peatie” Peate.

“Going forward myself and Peatie are going to look to carry on with the legacy we have created with infused and bring in two new players to the organisation that will hopefully bring us success going forward,” MarkyB said in his statement, “As always, the aim is to win in whichever competition we’re a part of so we’ll be bringing in two players that we believe fit the bill and allow us to do that.”

In his own statement, Urban explained that both players made the decision to leave Team Infused due to their results not meeting their expectations.

“After being with the old roster for a year and having a disappointing finish at Champs, we all decided to part ways and create new rosters leading into IW,” said Urban, “Orbit will allow us to create a roster that we want which will be passionate about winning and the grind from the release of the new game. We have had a warm welcome and our excited to play the next game under Orbit.”


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