Back on October 30th the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter tweeted a photo of a painted bird with a short line in Japanese saying that something is about to arrive. We do not know exactly what it means, but it could be that there is some DLC on the way.

In fact, there has been some content leaked online, and we are speculating that it has to do with the tweeted photo. Twitter user @JonKay20 leaked a video of what he says are the new Operator and map for Season 4.

The video contains two minutes of gameplay, and the inside of the building looks very Japanese in its construction, which is located on the top of a skyscraper. Along with that, an Ubisoft survey was leaked indicating siege could possibly get a season pass. We do not know if this footage is legitimate or not, but from what we can surmise there is new content coming and that it may or may not be based in Japan.


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