Overwatch‘s Symmetra will soon receive a huge overhaul to her skill set. Game director Jeff Kaplan has recently explained the upcoming rework that provides Symmetra with various adjustments and buffs to her support gameplay.

The goal of the rework is to make Symmetra a more viable and effective hero. Kaplan explained, “She was a very effective character, but was viewed as overly situational.” The update promises to shake the game’s meta, and make Symmetra a more popular hero.

The most substantial change affects Symmetra’s Ultimate. You can pick from one of two Ults, making her the first hero with two Ults. The first is her defining Teleporter, which will have more shield. The other Ult you can choose is her Shield Generator, which gives your allies more shield.


The Photon Shield skill will now be replaced with Photon Barrier. This shield will work similarly to Reinhardt and Winston’s shield, but it will be projected on a track and move forward. This provides an extra defense to your allies and devices, or allows them to play extra aggressively.

You can also now stock six turrets at once instead of just three. With the extra fire power, you can instantly set-up and be more threatening at the beginning of the match. She also gains turrets in 10 seconds, rather than 12.

For the full details on the update, check out the video posted above. The update has gone live on Overwatch‘s PTR, and we should see her release to the public soon.