On the Xbox One, fans will soon be able to enjoy Stardew Valley‘s humble and charming agrarian fantasy life. ConcernedApe’s hit farming simulator indie title will be coming globally to Xbox One on December 14.

Creator Eric Barone has described Stardew Valley as inspired by two of his favorite childhood games, Animal Crossing and the Harvest Moon series. Although the concept of a “farming RPG” sounds boring, he pointed out that games like these are addictive and have heartwarming charm. On the Xbox news page, Barone stated that with Stardew Valley, his goal “was to recreate that special feeling and bring it to modern platforms.”


Stardew Valley starts you out with a humble plot of land, some tools, and a bit of money. Your fantasy life will take on from there, as you fish, farm, mingle with townspeople, raise animals, and fight monsters. There’s a trove of colorful characters with different personalities and stories. Like in Harvest Moon, you might even find marriage.

Stardew Valley is currently available on PC and is now approaching its console release. Xbox One fans across the globe will be able to pick up the game on December 14. For PS4 fans, however, their version will launch for North America on December 13 and Europe on December 14. A Nintendo Switch version will also come out further down the line.


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