Take that! Capcom’s beloved spiky-haired attorney will be getting a Figma statue with posable finger pointing action. Pre-orders have now begun, and the figures are expected to ship from Japan in May 2017.


The figure is based on Phoenix Wright’s appearance from the original trilogy. The figurine comes with interchangeable faces based off of the in-game sprite work. There are also props to re-enact scenes from the game including evidence to present, a pedestal to slam, and a coffee mug perhaps gifted to him in court by the coffee-loving Godot.


And of course, what Phoenix Wright figure wouldn’t be complete without enormous speech bubbles? The figure includes speech bubbles that have iconic Phoenix Wright phrases like “Objection,” “Take that,” and “Hold It!” They’re in Japanese and, in case you were wondering what each meant, here’s how they correspond to the English translation.

異議あり! – Igiari! – Objection!
くらえ! – Kurae! – Take That!
待った! – Matta! – Hold It!

You can order the figure from the Good Smile Company’s website. The posable Figma statue sells for ¥7,344, which is around $66 USD. Pre-orders also come with Phoenix’s adorkable “embarrassed” face.


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