Bethesda’s Prey Receives New Trailer and Nine Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Bethesda delivered a sneak peak at Prey during The Game Awards 2016. Our last look at the game was E3 2016, and the recent trailer tells us more about the setting and gameplay. As we’ve previously noticed, Prey is a huge departure from the original 2006 game. Furthermore, Dishonored 2‘s developer, Arkane Studios, is developing this title.

2017’s Prey will be set in the Talos Space Research Facility, where you’ll find yourself exploring and combating shadowy alien creatures. They come in a number of varieties, from nimble spiders to enormous hulking beasts. According to the latest trailers, these creatures of mysterious origin date back to the 1950’s, when Russian cosmonauts on a satellite repair mission are suddenly ambushed by a black amorphous substance that comes to life.

You’ll have a number of tools and abilities to help you along the way. Conventional weaponry like shotguns were revealed, but there’s also useful futuristic and alien technology like gravity bombs that you’ll have at your disposal. The trailer also curiously reveals that the protagonist will have the “Mimic Matter” ability, which lets you transform into inanimate objects to solve environmental puzzles. This new ability appears to be an analogue to the original Cherokee protagonist’s ability to spirit-walk.

In addition to the footage revealed at The Game Awards, Game Informer showcased a nine-minute long gameplay stream. Raphael Colantonio, the president of Arkane Studios and creative director of Prey, and Ricardo Bare, the Lead Designer, commentated over this new footage. You can take a look below.

Previously, the game has been described as a “sci-fi psychological thriller.” Colantonio has stressed that it’s not necessarily a horror game or a shooter. Instead, he suggested that it’s “more like a hybrid game where there’s narrative mixed with action mixed with a little bit of [an] RPG layer.”

The new Prey will release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC some time in 2017. Prey 2, which was being developed by the series’s original developer Human Head Studios, was cancelled in 2014.


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