Prepare to die on a whole new platform, because recent reports indicate that From Software has their latest installment, Dark Souls III, up and running on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

According to sources left unnamed by Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Dale, the title is running at “a level of performance they are happy with”. It also notes that there have been internal talks at From about the financial viability of a re-release with DLC bundled in of the trilogy on the Switch console. Apparently though, this port has been in development for “several months”.

With that in mind, From Software appeared on a rather large list of developers and partners who claim to be supporting the console. A Souls trilogy release isn’t exactly what people assumed from their appearance from there, but it isn’t exactly unwelcome either. The list, below, does have a number of eyebrow raisers.


This trilogy would not be a Switch exclusive, however. It would release on other platforms at the same time, and any of those getting the release is honestly more likely as From is waiting for sales data from the Switch launch before deciding to completely port it or not.

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