Let the slay ride begin — Capcom’s released a new launch trailer to get you ready for Dead Rising 4. The Christmas time spirit is especially strong in this trailer, because the new game will be set around Christmas time. Series protagonist Frank West reads you a non-traditional Christmas poem that reminds of all the things that are great about the holidays– like bashing in zombies or finding new weapons to combat the zombie horde.

In a twist on The Night Before Christmas, Frank West invites you to listen in by the fireside and as he narrates over some gameplay with holiday rhymes. Watch Frank West bludgeon zombies with an enormous candy cane, or deck zombies with a fully armored car in this holiday “slay ride.” This trailer also features the most accurate portrayal of Black Friday I’ve ever seen: the windows shattered and hordes of total zombies crowding the mall- ten thousand in all. “It looks like Black Friday/ brought black days instead,” indeed.

Plus, the narration is gold. Frank joyfully reads out lines like “And then they were, right there on the floor/ the exo suit and weapons I’d asked Santa for.”

Dead Rising 4 marks the return of original protagonist Frank West as the main character. Furthermore, the game also returns to the original setting of Willamette, Colorado. Frank West will return once more to Willamette Parkview Mall, which is now celebrating the Christmas season.

Dead Rising 4 will launch for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on December 6th. Reportedly, this will be a timed exclusive, which could mean a PS4 and/or Steam release in the future.


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