An upcoming installment of Final Fantasy XV DLC will allow you to challenge one of the series’ most bizarre and humorous bosses yet: Square Enix’s own CEO, Yosuke Matsuda. After a hilarious debut at Square Enix’s launch party stream, players can now have Noctis face off against a super-powered Yosuke Matsuda.

This boss fight was previously seen at an event-exclusive build of the game, dubbed the special “Mystery Disc” demo. As part of the launch festivities, Square Enix livestreamed the “Mystery Disc” demo just before the game’s official release. If you haven’t seen it, you really ought to because it’s Japanese comedy gold.

The characters prepare to celebrate the official launch, but they have rather unexpected difficulties along the way. Prompto becomes a literal man-baby when he suddenly transforms into a giant version of his childhood self, and it’s up to Noctis to solve bizarre mysteries like this. There’s also goofy stuff like Gladiolus doing push-ups while Ignis sits on his back nonchalantly drinking coffee. The footage starts at 2:41:55, though you’ll need to look for a fan translation if you’d like English subtitling.

You can see the boss battle in question at 3:02:45. Descending from the sky, Matsuda reveals himself and proposes a competition with Noctis. In battle, you’ll see Square Enix’s CEO pull off moves you’d never expect from a 53-year old Japanese businessman. Matsuda backflips, shoots lasers beams, shows off some crazy sword moves, and even pulls out a machine gun. Did we mention that he’s armed with Final Fantasy XV‘s Engine Blade?


Viewers were jokingly asked if they’d pay 500 yen to buy this as DLC. As it turns out, a Famitsu stream today revealed that the Yosuke Matsuda boss fight really will become available as DLC content. If you’re wondering if Matsuda was upset about it, Director Hajime Tabata offered a few words. “Matsuda looked pretty happy and was a good sport about it, so there shouldn’t be any issues there,” he said.

Tabata also reminded viewers on the Famitsu stream that the free “Holiday Pack” DLC is coming. The DLC will offer a New Game+ function, a function that’ll let you restrict the level cap, and more.

Final Fantasy XV is now finally available for Xbox One and PS4, and is one of the fastest selling titles in the series yet.