Microsoft has maintained a strong commitment to supporting Halo‘s competitive scene and, true to the promises made when they took on Halo‘s dedicated eSports community, they have officially announced that the Halo World Championship event will be held once more from January to April, 2017.

The Halo World Championship serves as the highest premiere gaming tournaments for the Halo series’s competitive scene. Microsoft will be working with ESL in order to coordinate the tournament as teams from around the world compete for a whopping $1 million prize pool.

Based on player and fan feedback, the format for this year’s Halo World Championship will have a few changes. The Finals format will now begin with a group stage, before moving on to a double elimination bracket. More details will be announced in the future, so keep an eye out.

Qualifiers for this year’s tournament begin on January 20 with the first open LAN event in St. Louis. Last chance qualifiers will continue around the world so, for the full region-specific schedule, you can check out the details here.


Last year, Counter-Logic Gaming took down Allegiance in order to be crowned the world champions. During this year’s event, we may find new talented teams joining this year’s finals. Will Counter-Logic manage to defend their title? Or will another team like the European FAB Esports go big?

Halo World Championship 2017 looks like it’ll set the stage for another year of solid competitive Halo, leading up to the HCS Pro League starting in the summer. Be sure to stay tuned for all of the action-packed events that will be heading our way.