That’s right, the rumors were true. Sony kicked off their PlayStation Experience keynote event with a trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Today, series fans are crying, “It’s Mahvel, baybee,” with tears of joy. So to start, here’s a brand new cinematic trailer. There’s some very highly anticipated character reveals, so get ready for Marvel and Capcom to take you for a ride.

Mega Man X leads the trailer, after Mega Man was conspicuously missing in Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s roster. Fans are no doubt pleased that the super fighting robot is ready to brawl in a Marvel vs. Capcom game once more.


After encountering what could be one of Marvel’s Infinity Gems, Mega Man X suddenly finds himself in a fight against Iron Man. Ryu fights along Mega Man’s side, before suddenly, Marvel’s newest character comes to Iron Man’s aid.

The Carol Danvers incarnation of Captain Marvel makes her debut, and an exciting 2 vs. 2 battle unfolds. Captain Marvel will make her Marvel Cinematic Universe film debut in 2019, and her inclusion in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is likely part of Marvel’s focus on promoting the Marvel Cinematic Universe through their roster choices.


In terms of gameplay changes, the PlayStation blog details some of what we can expect from this title. Like the trailer suggests, this title will add 2 vs. 2 battles into the series. Previous Marvel vs. Capcom titles were 3 vs. 3.

Additionally, Marvel’s Infinity Stones will factor into fights. You will need to strategically select Infinity Stones, and use them to your advantage in battle. Each stone represents a different advantage: “power, space, time, reality, soul, and mind.” This could possibly replace the X Factor mechanic from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and function a lot like gems in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Currently, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is in development and will launch late 2017. The trailer announced that you can expect to play it on Xbox One, PS4, and in a surprising move from Capcom- Steam, too.

Get ready to rumble, because the fourth Marvel vs. Capcom is coming. We’ll see gameplay footage tonight during Capcom Cup 2016.