Pokémon Go is currently in the middle of a series of major updates. The December 6 update added a number of useful UI fixes, and Niantic is currently looking beyond for what could mark some of the biggest and most substantial updates to the game yet.

Today, the Pokémon Company officially confirmed that Generation 2 Pokémon will be added to Pokémon Go. Next Monday, December 12, Niantic will reveal the first details about how the 100 Johto Pokémon will be integrated into the game.


You can expect a larger variety of new creatures to catch, so get ready to catch ’em all once more. This update might shake up the meta with powerful new Pokémon and counters against the currently popular Pokémon used to hold down gyms. So, expect some different Pokémon to take down and hold gyms as players formulate new strategies and tier lists.

The update was revealed in a leaked memo sent to all Starbucks employees. Pokémon Go appears to be planning a new collaboration with Starbucks, and confirmed that by Thursday December 8, we would be seeing some brand new Pokémon. Previous data mining has shown that Johto Pokémon were in the game’s data, and it would only be a matter of time before they would be added into the game.


Additionally, Niantic has announced new partnerships with different franchises. Sprint will turn over 10,500 Sprint and subsidiary retail stores into PokéStops and Gyms. “As part of this collaboration, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at Radioshack stores will become PokeStops and Gyms, giving you even more places to stock up on Poke Balls and Razz Berries and to battle your friends,” Niantic said in an official press statement.

Niantic and Starbucks are planning to officially reveal a partnership soon. The leaked memo from Starbucks suggests that Starbucks locations will also function as PokéStops and Gyms. Additionally, you can expect a brand new Pokémon-themed frappucino at Starbucks.

Previously, Niantic had declared it would pursue partnerships with retailers and other companies that would promote their stores by turning them into PokéStops and Gyms. The first announced collaboration was done with McDonald’s locations in Japan, and another example would be mobile provider Globe Telecom’s stores in the Philippines.


You can read up on the latest update’s patch notes as well. The most useful update it provides is the ability to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time. If you’re sick of transferring Pidgey and Rattatta one by one, you can now thankfully select multiple Pokémon at a time to quickly free up your storage space and gain candy.

The full notes are as follows.

Pokemon Go December 6 Update (0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS):

  • Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokemon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold on a Pokemon.
  • Pokemon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.
  • The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokemon has been added to the buddy information screen.
  • The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokemon that has ever been your buddy.
  • Minor text fixes.

The Starbucks memo suggests we may hear something about their partnership with Niantic tomorrow. For now, we’ll have to wait until next Monday to hear about Niantic’s plans to reveal Generation 2 Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

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