There hasn’t been a non-mobile Bomberman title since 2010’s Bomberman Blitz on DSiWare and the hero with the explosive personality is back on the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer showcases traditional Bomberman gameplay is amazing HD. You play on a grid of blocks, using your bombs to trap enemies in the grid to defeat them. It’s a very simple concept, but with all the powerups and stage variations, it makes for a lot of fun. Super Bomberman R looks like a fresh start for the series and features all new stages and gameplay features. There’s boss battles and a full co-op story mode to play. Of course there’s also the tradition battle mode, but this time around with a total of 8 players.

The game focuses around the 8 colourful “Bomberman Brothers” (even though there do seem to be two Bomberman sisters) nad their quest to save the world. With explosives. Lots of explosives. I can’t think of a better method of saving the world, personally. It’s also worth nothing that Bomberman is now 33 years old.

Super Bomberman R is coming both digitally and physically to the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Catch all of the Nintendo Switch news right here.

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