Spoiler alert for Resident Evil fans: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard‘s ending, as well as other spoilers, are rampant all over the web now that review copies have gone public. The game has been live streamed, uploaded via screenshots and videos, and generally discussed all over the place.

One particular screenshot (shown below) uploaded by ThisGenGaming shows stats on the ending screen of the game. This player in particular took 10 hours on normal difficulty.

10 hours is reasonable for horror games these days, but it does go against the general 15-20 hour time frame that many have been claiming to be the average. It’s unclear the playstyle of the player shown, whether or not they played cautiously and fearfully through the horror title, or if the stats show indications of a speedrun. While it’s still up in the air on whether or not this person played cautiously, or ran like hell through the campaign, if 10-20 hours isn’t enough for you, you can also extend your fear by purchasing the season pass. As far as spoilers go, all Resident Evil fans, beware. At least until the game’s release on January 24th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

It’s more than courteous to keep things to yourself if you’ve already played but, if you’ve already played and beaten it, Reddit and NeoGAF have threads dedicated for those who can’t keep quiet. And, as a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to be talking about spoilers on a message board, extend some common courtesy by explicitly stating that you’re going to be covering some spoilers before delving into the nitty-gritty details.


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