Gaming news outlets and gamers on Twitter have been having a field day mocking a recent gaffe by CNN. Internet sleuths have pointed out that a recent CNN report on the Russian hacking tries to depict the events… with screenshots of the terminals from the Fallout series.

You can see for yourself below. If you’ve played Fallout 3 or 4, doesn’t CNN’s report look a little familiar?


Reddit user Poofylicious made an image that makes the comparison a lot more clear. You can see how the CNN image has a lot in common with the series’s hacking user interface.


How embarrassing, CNN. The Fallout series’s hacking mini-game makes hacking feel like board game, Mastermind. It’s hokey pseudo-hacking mumbo jumbo, and feels like real-life hacking as much as the random button mashing in Star Trek or the digital code from The Matrix trilogy.

We get that hacking is difficult to explain to people in detail, but Fallout series is a really goofy choice. The screenshots may have actually come from Mitchell Thompson’s Fallout-inspired flash minigame, but they could also be brushed up screenshots from actual gameplay.

Bethesda got a kick out of the recent buzz. You can see how they weighed into the whole ordeal on Twitter.

This wouldn’t be the first time this happened. News channel RT once used Metal Gear Solid V screenshots to depict the travesty of child soldiers. Gamers took ire when the news team used the video game screenshots to depict real life social controversy. Perhaps incidents like this are a media lesson not to underestimate their audience’s attentiveness.


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