Looks like we won’t have to wait long on Nintendo’s next big announcement. Get ready for a Nintendo Direct on January 18, focusing on the Fire Emblem series. The Treehouse Live event broke the announcement over its gameplay stream today.

You can catch the stream at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET on January 18. Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch will be one of the focuses of the Direct.

fire emblem title

Like Hyrule Warriors and other games in the Warriors series, Fire Emblem Warriors promises to be a crossover title where you’ll hack and slash enemy soldiers in the thousands and capture bases using Omega Force’s signature gameplay. You can read up on the reveal announcement here, though there’s not many details.

A mobile Fire Emblem title was in the works, but was delayed until 2017. Could we be getting information about it during the Direct? Maybe. Animal Crossing also received a relatively recent Nintendo Direct, but didn’t disclose any details about the new mobile title.

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