The Former President of Rockstar North and Producer of a total of 8 games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Leslie Benzies, is looking to branch out and work on his own.

Benzies has incorporated five firms while in the middle of an ongoing financial dispute with Rockstar North and it’s parent company, Take Two Interactive. Benzies claims he was forced out of Rockstar last year, and sued his ex-employers as a result. The publisher dismissed the allegations and counter-sued.

The firms he had incorporated included Royal Circus Games, Everywhere Game Limited, and Starship Group. Hinting at a new project in the works, Royal Circus Games have trademarked a title called Time for a New World and its related hashtag #TFANW.

Other information suggests Benzies may not be happy developing games any further, as one new firm, in particular, has documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the IPO to apparently only produce headsets, glasses, and software that will “enable virtual reality viewing.”


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