Osiris: New Dawn was one of the games I was most excited to see released after PAX West. Developed by Fenix Fire Entertainment, what should you expect from Osiris: New Dawn? An open world, where you struggle to survive, attacked by everything that could possibly attack a space traveler.

Currently, you start your journey as a U.N.E. or Outlander member. The U.N.E. character belongs to the group United Nation of Earth, a group of nations trying to colonize distant planets. You have access to the latest and greatest technology and are best as a team. When playing as an Outlander, you don’t have access to amazing tech, but you are very resourceful and work well with the local critters who want to kill you most of the time. If you’re playing solo, Outlanders is the way to go. Classes for each group will be added at a later date (scientist, marine, engineer, and ranger).

Though the game is only currently in alpha build, a lot of features are available for you to use right now. When creating your own private world the planet is extremely customizable. I wanted a more casual experienced, so I chose to have not-as-angry aliens with lower health bars. Other changeable features include resource yield amount, special loot chance, etc.

Osiris: New Dawn also has the usual survival elements you want in a game. Grow your own food, stay warm, build items to get you from point A to point B, interact with everything that you build, etc. The elements hate you and your base is your safe haven, though it can be attacked by the things that go bump in the night.

The atmosphere of the game is fantastic, and everything you’d want in a “I really shouldn’t be here”survival game. Instance appropriate music starts at the correct time, you can’t see in front of your face during a sand storm, and the horizon looks beautiful in the distance… It’s just a pain to get there and back to your base without overloading your character with weight.

In my interview at PAX West with the developer, the feature I was truly excited about was the ability to use AI. Every person is given a little robot buddy that can patrol the area, go mining for you, or just keep you company. This cuts down the grinding aspect eventually. Right now the AI friend is a bit of a pain. His patrol and mining area is small. Perhaps this can be changed with upgrades eventually?


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play the multiplayer quite yet due to server issues, but I am definitely looking forward to it. For an Early Access game, they are updating with content regularly, so for those who like to see a game evolve and take shape you’ll really enjoy this.

This is definitely a game to keep your eye on! And if you’re already playing, keep an eye on what is behind you… Space worms are lurking everywhere.

Developer: Fenix Fire Entertainment

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access

Platforms: PC, PS4 (coming soon), Xbox (coming soon)

Website: Osiris: New Dawn

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Lexie P.
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Lexie's love for video games started early when she was rarely seen without her GameBoy, and traded Oreos with the neighbor kid to play his N64. Throughout the years Lexie has developed into a PC gamer, specializing in horror and MOBAs. She has been a game writer for a few years now and has previously worked at PAX West.

  • Chewlok

    This game look awesome. It’s seems like No Man Sky/Destiny/Minecraft. I defenetly wan to try it out.