Occasionally, a game comes along that is just too crazy not to try. Be it the name, the topic, or the uniqueness of the game that could draw interest. With President Erect, we encounter a rather rubber President in the middle of the Oval Office. The fun begins, and ends, by hitting a rubber face of Donald Trump with your fists and various themed dildos.

In January 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn into office as President. However, we can still do something about it! We are in the United States, and thus can make fun of him! And what better way to do so than to smack his virtual face with different forms of Custard Launchers modeled after his biggest fans. A winning dildo can be found with selections such as the Blue Veined Sausage of Bernie Bro, the Mini Me of Kim Dong-un, Putin’s Peter, or even Hillary’s Heat Seeking Moisture Missile. But, beyond all else, is Barack’s Boomstick. Each of these choice weapons can be wielded to combat the looming face of Mr. Trump. President Erect aims (and fires) to please.

More Terrifying Than I Imagined

Have you ever been to a carnival and seen the despicable face of a Jack-In-The-Box clown on a massive scale? No? Well now you can! But a clown isn’t scary enough, no, we must trump that with something even worse, an admittedly very well done and lifelike large statue of The Donald. There’s no need to fear this Jack-In-The-Box though as punching his face, slapping him with one or both hands, and even hitting his chin so the jaw is comically misaligned are all options to fight back. There really isn’t much else to the game. You stuff various dildos in his mouth and slap him with them, upper cut with a different one-eyed wonder weasel, and punch with a good old closed fist.


As a reward, you do get a very satisfying “thump” as if a wet winkie just impacted a damp surface, and punches resonate eloquently as well. In addition, an audibly pleasing noise resembling a fart you’d make by blowing into your elbow plays once you’ve thwacked your third leg across his face enough.

Sadly, it’s not all fun and games. The Donald repeats the same three or four lines constantly and no level of abuse is able to discourage him. Instead, it motivates one to dig deep and find more energy to defeat Donald via danger dongers. Will this game be a crowd pleaser? Yes. Will it be a long lasting experience? No. Does it need to be? NO! For the perfect VR game that doesn’t cost a thing, be sure to check out President Erect.

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Bobby C
Director, Editorial/Reviews

Bobby C is a veteran FPS and adventure gamer, starting with the NES and Super Mario Bros. The game that really started his love for the FPS Genre was Goldeneye for the N64. Since then, the love grew. From casual, to semi-pro COD with Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and back to casual, it’s a bad week when there isn’t at least 15 hours of games played.

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