Well it’s that time of year again, the time when people make empty promises that they will change and be a better person. However, we all know ninety-eight percent of you blow off the promises you made within about three weeks of doing them. You go to the gym and see the slightest bit of improvement and think “Eh, F*ck it”, then you go right back to the same sack of sadness you were last year. So instead of feeling bad over the empty promises we made on a drunken night, let’s take part in something we can all agree is good for us. Trying new video games.

Rise & Shine (Xbox One, PC)

I have been praising this game a lot as of late, and it has earned every bit of it. Rise & Shine is the tale of an eleven year old boy who’s home world has been gutted by the invading forces of the Nexgen. In the kerfuffle of the invasion Rise gets a hold of Shine, a trash talking, multi-firing mode gun that is the key to saving us all. The game is a 2-D action adventure, puzzle-platformer with nods to many other games genres and it’s gaming ancestors. From the main bad guy resembling the hero of the C.O.G. Marcus Fenix to an entire level that resembles the Mushroom Kingdom, albeit with a much more depressing tone this game is the type to leave you all nostalgic. It even has the old school boss fight feel. Curious about what I mean? Check out our review of the game and pick it up for just fifteen bucks on Steam or the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Our Review: Rise & Shine


Rocket League (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

If you are like me and despise all sports and physical activity in general but still like the idea of playing a sports game then look no further than Rocket League! Rocket League is more or less soccer with cars. Teams of up to four cars of various builds compete to score goals, or baskets if you are playing the basket ball mode. If you are looking for a game that really supports it’s growing community Rocket League does that and more! Featuring customization options of the Twitch and YouTube personalities that helped make the game the juggernaut it is, as well as nods to many other games including Fallout. For only twenty bucks you can do a lot worse than Rocket League.


Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One, PC)

Dead Rising is a series that never takes itself very seriously. Whether you’re just running around killing zombies, or cross dressing the main character in a corset and high heels, fighting the bosses with a sex toy launcher Dead Rising is sure to have something for every one. The most recent entry in to the series is where I would recommend starting just to get your feet wet in the series. Much like the first game it follows the adventures of the titular character in the games, Frank West. This time when Frank returns to the original outbreak city of Willamette, Colorado he is facing the betrayal of a former student, zombies, military and some familiar faces from the first game. This game takes the fight out of the mall and in to the streets of Willamette and it manages to keep the regular challenges of the original games while keeping itself accessible to newer  players. Everything you need to play the game is easily introduced in the first few levels of the game and outside of a finicky camera gimmick it all works together quite well. For a more in depth look at the game please feel free to check out our review of the game here . If not you can grab the game now for right around sixty bucks.

maxresdefault (16)

Until Dawn (PS4)

For those of you that want a little more horror in your life but don’t feel experienced enough to go in to Silent Hill 3 levels of gaming, Until Dawn will give you a proper fright without being to complex. The game follows a group of young adolescents brought up to the woods to reunite after a terrible tragedy happened to some friends a year prior. Basically as soon as they get there weird stuff happens, middle middle middle, Josh is a dick who is playing a cruel trick and there are actually legitimate monsters out to attack them. Wendigos, for those of you who don’t watch Supernatural, Wendigos were once people who broke a cardinal rule on sacred lands. They ate another human and it changed them over time in to blind super human monsters with the ability to mimic a humans voice. They’re essentially an apex predator. The best thing about Until Dawn is that a lot of choices made in the game matter and will influence everything on a bigger scale than Heavy Rain did. If any of that sounds interesting please go pick up the game right now for roughly nineteen dollars

Until Dawn™_20150908003456

Hearthstone (PC, Mobile)

If you’re anything like me you spent way too much time playing Yu-Gi-Oh when you were younger. For some of us that evolved in to an unhealthy attachment to a much more complex game called Magic:The Gathering. In my case though I took to Hearthstone recently due to it addictive qualities and easy to pick up game play. The game play actually only differs on a minute level (in my opinion) from the aforementioned Yu-Gi-Oh. You summon monsters that can attack other monsters or the selected enemy hero, that is unless there is a defense monster in play which at that point only the defense monster can be attacked. Specialized cards provide ways around that and deal damage directly to the enemy hero, the only way to win is to reduce the enemy heroes health to zero. There are a bunch of other things can boost or reduce attacks, freeze enemies, and a plethora of other things to keep each fight interesting, it just depends on how you build the deck. The best part is the game is completely free to play, you can choose to buy card packs but that is not necessary at all the base cards are pretty diverse for beginning players.


Pick of The Month: Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Resident Evil 7 releases this month and from everything I have seen is set to be one of the best entries in to the series. In fact the only complaint I have heard is that there seems to be no direct link to the previous installments. It’s almost like the creators made this really amazing game, couldn’t think of an original title for it and decided to slap on the Resident Evil name. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but I do hope through DLC they find some way to even remotely correlate the Resident Evil universe to what happens in the most recent game. If you are looking for an almost PT esque flair I highly recommend dropping the sixty bucks on this game you will not be disappointed.


Well if you haven’t abandoned your promises for the new years, kudos I guess. If you have don’t worry about it you’ll just make the same lies again next year. To the rest of you I hope you give some of these games a try. Especially if you are new to the genre, who knows you may just find your gateway to a whole to new type of video game you never knew you would like. In any light feel free to tell us what games you would recommend to break in to a new genre.