With the full reveal of the Nintendo Switch, fans can get their chance to get hands on with the system.

Starting Sunday, January 15 a Nintendo Switch Preview Tour will be kicking off in North America starting in New York. The multi-city tour will provide an event every Sunday for 6 weekends, with each event being free and open to the public. To ensure you get time with the new system make sure you arrive at the location early.

The full list of locations has been added to the Nintendo website and include stops in New York, Toronto, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Additionally, those attending PAX South, PAX East and SXSW will have an opportunity to check out the system and it’s new titles.

See the all the details including tour dates and times here.

The Nintendo Switch is priced at $299 and will release on March 3. 2017.

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  • Chewlok

    What I have seen about
    the Nintendo Switch I’ve like. From the get go the design give the console the
    ability to be versatile. The Idea that you can play with a home console and
    continue your gaming adventure out in the world. To add, the variation of how
    the controller can be used, from a traditional control to motion like the Wii
    control and even classic NES style for two people to play.

    Also, the roster of games
    got me on the hype train. Mostly exited for The Breath of the wild. I’m a big The
    Legend of Zelda nerd. (I saw the Master Edition you posted and as soon as I get
    of work I’m reserving it.) The new Sonic game looks great and would love to see
    how Elder Scrolls is going to look here. Love also the fact that some NES and
    SNES games are coming to this console, specially Bomberman.

    I do have some worries
    thou. It looks like a super tablet had a child with a Gameboy. That brings me
    to a few questions. It looks good but how practical will it be and for how
    long. Will we have to change the batter every few years because it will no
    longer las as much as the begging like laptops and other rechargeable
    electronic? How far will the capabilities of console go when it comes to online
    gaming and moving out side of your home? How resistant will it be to falls or

    I love the idea of the
    Nintendo Switch probably at the same time Breath of the wild come out, but
    there are many unknows that makes me wonder. I can’t wait to test it out and
    learn more of it’s capabilities.