Nintendo’s shareholders remain terribly unimpressed by the Nintendo Switch, and hour-long January presentation didn’t placate their concerns. Gamers might be enthralled and incredibly excited about the Nintendo Switch, but the stocks didn’t go in Nintendo‘s favor.

Following the 1 PM local time presentation of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s shares were down 5.75% in trading on the Japanese stock markets by market close. Nintendo’s stock similarly took a hit when the Switch’s three-minute preview video was revealed back in October.

Courtesy of BusinessInsider, here’s a visual displaying the drop in Nintendo’s stock.

Nintendo Stock

Analysts were concerned that a handheld/home console hybrid wasn’t enough to differentiate Nintendo’s console from competitors like the PS4 and the Xbox One. Furthermore, they felt the console’s appeal struggles to win back casual gamers, who are mostly on the ever-growing mobile market. The new information seemed to do nothing to address these issues, and the investors and analysts have their reservations. The $299 price tag was also a divisive point.

The commentary wasn’t all doom and gloom against the Nintendo Switch, though. Jefferies had a strongly favorable opinion of the console and reiterated its “Buy” rating of the console. Although they felt the $299 price tag “was “not great. But its [sic] not bad either,” the concept and titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will drive demand of the console.


Traders are currently skeptical of Nintendo. The Wii U sold 13-million units in its 5-year span and was deemed a flop. Super Mario Run‘s download numbers have been highly successful, but isn’t necessarily a long-term financial success.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017. Although the markets suggest Nintendo’s strategy might be lacking, we’ll need to wait and see if Nintendo will be able to prove its forecasts wrong.

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