Pokémon Bank is a service that allows you to store Pokémon from various games in one location, as opposed to the old method of continually trading them over between between games. Although there was something magic about having a Pokémon in Sun/Moon that’s journeyed with you since it lived in your Gameboy Colour. This useful little tool was surprisingly absent from Pokémon Sun and Moon, or rather support for that title was.

That support has arrived today, and it’s now possible to use the Pokémon Bank and the Pokémon Transporter with Sun and Moon. This means you can carry over your favourite Pokémon from X and Y, or Black and White, or Red and Blue even. This doesn’t come cheap, mind you. The Pokémon Bank isn’t a free tool, and you have to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 a year to house all your little friends in there. Think of it as Pokémon rent.


That’s not all that comes with the update, though. If you subscribe to the Pokémon Bank, you’ll receive a free gift once it’s updated and you’ve logged in. You’ll get a Wonder Card. Once you transfer the Wonder Card to Pokémon Sun and Moon, you can use the Mystery Gift option in the main menu and receive a Mewnium Z crystal. This will unlock a Z-Move for Mew in game called Genesis Supanova.

You can download the Pokémon Bank via the 3DS eshop, and the Sun and Moon update is available now.

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