Nintendo has officially announced the availability for preordering their newest console, the Switch.

A tweet made by Nintendo’s NYC retail store read, “A limited quantity of preorders for the Nintendo Switch will begin on 1/13 at 9 AM while supplies last”

The store’s location is 10 Rockafeller Plaza.

Nintendo NY Interior

No information was provided on the limited supply of consoles there will be, as most new game consoles, especially Nintendo’s, tend to sell out quickly. Whatever the case, the Switch is very much expected to be extremely limited in availability. Nintendo fans will be well aware of how unreliable the phrase “limited quantities” is, considering the infamous difficulty in obtaining an NES Classic when they were first made available. Even 2 months after the NES Classic had launched, it continues to sell out every time it’s restocked.

The livestream taking place Thursday night is apparently going to reveal the key details about the console, including specs, pricing, and even a lineup of titles that will appear on it. There is also an in-store viewing event for the first 250 people who arrive at Nintendo NY at 8 PM.


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