Do you pine for the old days when a bunch of your friends would come over and you could order in food, drink a few…hrm, sodas, and play video games until your hands and/or eyes are bleeding? Well then I have some good news for you. Rooster Teeth (Red Vs Blue and RWBY) and Invisible Collective (first game but all vets of the gaming industry) have creative an addictive, funny-as-hell, colorful shooter game called Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars.

Sloths. Pizza. Chaos.

After hanging out with Phillip from Invisible Collective and Mike from RoosterTeeth they brought me up to speed with all things Battlesloths. “We wanted to keep it simple, you know? The characters are all colorful and pop really well, its all one hit kills, simple premise.” However, for a simple game it has so much heart. It was one of the games at PAX South that I really found myself laughing like an idiot at how fun it was. For me, it harkened back into those old competitive SNES days. The graphics are highly pixeled but that is part of Battlesloths‘ charm.

“Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars is the fast-paced multiplayer competitive twin-stick isometric shooter.” Players can compete with up to 4 human players, or test their might against some excruciatingly tough AI sloths should you be short of friends or just a masochist. The goal is to collect the most pizza before anyone else does. How? By killing each other of course!

Players will be able to collect 20 different weapons including a laser sword, bow and arrows, mini guns, and so much to exterminate the other sloths. If weapons aren’t enough to quench you stylistic christ, well how about four game modes, 27 maps, customizable battle settings, team vs. options, free for all, a nuke, and more hats than you can fit on 750 sloth’s heads, does that do anything for you? “Of course the only thing the hats do is look fabulous” said Philip, so clearly they are just for cosmetics. But the hats hit everything from gaming, pop culture, and the truly fantastic. Bottom line is, you’ll have plenty to do as you train to become the greatest pizza eating sloth on the planet.


Overall Experience

With Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, I was able to play against Philip(the maker of the game), Alina (GAW’s Community Developer Director), and one of those extremely hard AIs I mentioned earlier. We had a blast playing and the controls are super easy to get a handle on. Right off the bat I felt like a champ, until I lost two times in a row. Alina and the AI kicked my butt into the ground. Either way the game is fast paced and fun. Murdering my fellow sloths with so many different weapons brought a smile to all of our faces and even in extreme competition we managed to laugh the whole time.

Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars is an amazing little party game and I highly recommend you keep an eye out for it. Battlesloths is scheduled for Spring 2017 on Steam. There is a push to get the game on consoles but for now Rooster Teeth is going to keep it PC. Check out some more screenshots of the game and stay tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly to keep you updated.


Game: Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars
Publisher: Rooster Teeth
Developer: Invisible Collective
Release Date: Spring 2017

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