BioWare’s upcoming space adventure Mass Effect: Andromeda has a number of interesting and highly detailed character kits that have been released by BioWare themselves. The kits show off some impressive high-quality work, detailing the characters in multiple angles and different levels of zoom. The detailed PDFs even show off the intricacies of the color codes.

Each of the kits shows four full-body characters rotated to present each angle, as well as close up shots of the head and face profiles, front and back shots of the torso, detailed shots of the arms, legs, and hands, and textures with color info. There are also detailed shots for the Sidewinder, a revolver that is included in the Peebee kit.

These kits are extremely beneficial to cosplayers as well as artists who try their hand at fan-art for the game. While kits only exist for Cora Harper, Peebee, and Liam Kost, BioWare’s blog post about the kits says that more kits will be available soon.


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