This year PAX South was bigger and better than ever! With over 100 exhibitors showing off great new games and hardware, eSports having a place at the show, as well as convention goers donning some really cool cosplay we have to show you all the awesome stuff we can’t fit into our usual coverage.

John (Chief Operating Officer)

There were so many things to see this year and I couldn’t have been happier with the trip. Besides all the coverage about the games we did so far, let’s just say that Nintendo stole the show. Yes, the Switch was there in all its glory and we got to play for a little while. I went out and reserved my console already…it was that much fun!

Moving right along I wanted to talk about the cutest and most amazing game developers that have hit the scene. Rick Stemm and Stevan Živadinović led a team of San Antonio high schoolers in a program called SaySí. The team assembled range from 14-18 year olds and they came together to make a game about what they known best, high school. This amazing little game is called Date Me Super Senpai, and it’s an open-world RPG about super powered teenagers that try and date each other. “Still in its development stages, the game’s superhuman characters represent people of all body types, gender identity and sexual orientation.” I’m seriously cheering these kids on because this is incredible. Everyone at the booth was just so happy to be there and they are super proud of their work and they absolutely should be! Good job guys! Keep it up! Check them out here and support the team if you can.


Another fun thing we were able to do was live Stream directly from PAX South. The even had PCs and PS4s for us to play pretty much whatever we wanted and you could see the whole show floor from the camera angle. Both Alina and I were able to do that and we had a blast. It totally beats playing alone in your apartment on a Wednesday night, that’s for sure!


This is the face I make when I’m having fun!

Last but not least, I sent out a tweet to challenge the Executive Producer of Brawlhalla, Zeke Sparkes. He gracefully accepted my challenge and completely beat my ass into the ground from where I crawled from. I did manage to get one kill on him but he definitely taught me that I need a lot of practice. Next year Zeke, next year! I shall have my revenge!

These were just a few things that made this trip special and wonderful. Not to mention the ultimate time I had with my crew. I could go all day about the smaller developers, more of the VR experiences (one of which I played and ended up just punching zombies when I ran out of bullets), but I have two other people here that want to say stuff. Also we already mentioned the cosplay and that will be at the bottom of the article for you all.

Alina (Director, Community Development) 

With this being my first ever PAX, I had no idea what to expect. This experience exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. The highlight of my PAX experience was by far The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on The Switch! Nintendo offered 20 minute demo and man did it deliver! This game is a beautiful work of art and delivers as the game Zelda fans have been waiting for.


I also stumbled across a planet management game while walking the floor called The Universim. In this God-game by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov you “leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your own planet.” The Universim looks unlike any other God-game I’ve seen before and you start from the Stone Age and work your way to the Space-Age where you are able to even explore other planets! The Universim is available on Steam for early access and you can probally guess, I’ve already downloaded it. I am excited to see how this game grows and evolves as the possibilities are endless!

Lastly, what was the most important and rewarding part of PAX South was the invaluable training and experience I received. Under John’s wing I assisted on interviews with developers, made connections within the gaming industry, and found myself being in the event photos rather than just posting them. I was so nervous going into the event, scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, or that I might freeze up when speaking with developers. I quickly realized that yes, I can do this! I am so lucky to work with such an amazing team where you are free and encouraged to expand your work for the site.

PAX was exhausting, exciting, and educational. Getting to experience an event as a part of the Media was an experience I will never forget. I had so much fun and can’t wait to plan my next event! This is just another amazing perk available to us as being apart of the Gamer Assault Weekly team. Can’t wait to see everyone at the next event!

Vanessa (Founder/CEO): Unlike my team members here, my experience with PAX South was a bit short lived, but there was so much to see and a slew of interesting games to play at every corner. My PAX South started off with me being sick, so walking around the floor with a headache and the sniffles was pretty terrible. However, I was really impressed with the show itself. I have attended PAX South since it’s inception and seeing it grow into what it is, bringing in new games and developers, bigger titles and offering new exclusives is exactly what the show needs.

One of the coolest thing I saw was the Overwatch eSports arena. While I didn’t get to sit and watch the tournaments, having a dedicated place for it at the show was really awesome to see. It almost made the show feel like DreamHack with a solid mix of tech, games, and professional players.

I think the coolest things I saw at PAX, aside from all the great cosplay, was the Nintendo Switch and Shadow Warrior 2. The Switch was the star of the show, getting near the Nintendo booth was like being stuck in rush hour traffic, but seeing it in action and seeing the games first hand really made me realize that Nintendo put a lot of time and effort into creating something that will be successful. As far as games, Shadow Warrior 2 stole the show. The easiest way to describe it is badass! The game is non-stop action, with ridiculous guns and insane monsters. I am so excited for it to release.

Overall, the show was a success. We have a ton of coverage on the site and an awesome video and photo gallery below so you can check out our time at PAX South. Stay tuned for our PAX East 2017 coverage!


About The Author

Vanessa F

Vanessa is the Founder/CEO of Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. She is an active member of the industry having worked with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ubisoft, id Software, and CSA. She spends her time working on the site, attending as many gaming conventions as she can, and playing with friends on all systems.