We’re only a day away from the launch of one of Sony’s next big PlayStation 4 exclusives, Horizon Zero Dawn. If you’ve preordered the game and are itching to play it as soon as possible, now’s your chance to preload the game.

The file is 39.485 GB, according to GearNuke. Make sure you’ve got plenty enough space cleared on your hard drive for when you download this enormous title.

For those of you hyped to play, get ready. Horizon Zero Dawn will unlock tonight for North American gamers. At midnight eastern/9 PM PT, you will be able to dive right into your pre-loaded copy of the game.

If you’ve pre-ordered the game digitally, you’ll be able to get a few goodies. You’ll get a dynamic PS4 and the Nora Trapper Pack, a selection of in-game bonuses. With the Nora Trapper Pack, you’ll receive weapon mods that increase weapon accuracy and damage in addition to crafting materials.

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