If the internet has taught us anything for the last 10 years, it is that cats make everything better, that and Rule 34. Either way, Lienzo, a wonderful developer has created a MetriodVania type game where the main hero is a fierce feline. Hunter’s Legacy is an old-school, 2D adventure platformer with a kitty warrior who runs through the land with twin blades and a bow-and-arrow. The game has been out for PC for about 2 years but has made its way to console and I finally got to take a peek at it.

Purrr-ty Nice Story Telling

One of the issues with most modern MetriodVania type games is that there isn’t too much story to get in the way of gameplay. I like a lot of story to my games, it helps me develop a link to the characters and their fight. However, Hunter’s Legacy seems to have just enough story to understand and to enjoy the gameplay in a way that was really entertaining.

In the main story you play as legendary badass, feline huntress named Ikki who’s on a mission to reclaim the Fang of Alliance in order to save her kingdom of Iripur from the dastardly Morodir. You encounter Morodir, the one who stole the Fang, pretty early on in the game but then as most villains do, he teleports away to another location, taking refuge behind a magic barrier.  If you have ever played any Legend of Zelda games the next part was obvious. In order to unlock the magical barrier, Ikki needs to find Sacred Orbs across the kingdom, and guess what? There are three of them.

Hunter’s Legacy is exactly like any stereotypical, J.R.R. Tolkien knockoff, fantasy story only just replace the humans/elves/dwarves with a race of intelligent bipedal kitty-cats. This equals to an instant hit. While there might not be anything too special about the story itself, the cats do add a nice charm to it. The little cat sound effects make you smile every time. Without Spoiling anything the game is pretty straight forward, so if you are looking for complex M. Night Shyamalan aerial twists you won’t find them here. It is still a nice story but Hunter’s Legacy strong points come with its paw-some gameplay.

You Gotta Be Kitten Me!

I found myself yelling at the screen more than once for my own stupid mistakes that lead to my death. Do not let the overall cuteness of the character blind you from this challenging gameplay.  Ikki’s adventure is full of constant action that takes many different forms. Many of the stage designs have a purr-ty unique result which can make extremely challenging platforming sections. Players will have to try to escape fiery hallways as quickly as paw-sible, climbing up electrified shafts, and navigate through passages covered in spikes while you float around (so the gravity is a bit wonky).

Hunter's Legacy Gameplay 12

The levels themselves are all connected in one giant map and can be accessed through various teleporters spread through the world. Different locations offer different obstacles, very much like the old school games with a level tall grass that you can get stuck in, a level with lava floors that cause damage if you don’t run over them quick enough, a level with ice the slows you down and you will take damage over time as well. While there seems to be an obvious direction most of the time, there isn’t a mini map, I found myself constantly opening up the larger over world map in the menu to see if I was going in the right direction. Progress is automatically saved when walking by a stone shrine, so even if I was lost, I could rely on checkpoints.

The levels themselves obviously didn’t make the only challenge. That was just the icing on the cake. I needed to learn how to effectively fight the variety of enemies, and I found it to be an enjoyable undertaking. For example, some require you to fire enchanted arrows at them while others are heavily armored. On top of the platforming and combat, the boss fights will thoroughly give your thumbs a workout. You know when you’re about to encounter a boss because you’ll be overwhelmed with health and ammo supplies. For the most part, these serve as fun challenges that at times become a bit frustrating if you are not sure what to do. Some bosses include a giant boar that charges, a dragon that soars around the arena, or a wizard that you have to use Ferry to help take down. All kinds of crazy creatures to fight. These suckers can be tough but watching them fall feels paws-itivly satisfying.


For example, while fighting with the boss in Willow Forest, Goliath Treehopper Menla, which is a sort of snail-like insect-type creature that releases spores containing other enemies. Shooting it with arrows and slashing it with my sword would do absolutely nothing, and it took me a few minutes to realize what I was doing wrong. This boss would crawl to the top of the screen and just hang off the ceiling, almost like a classic Spider-man move. This is when it dawned on me that I needed to shoot what it was hanging from to finally do some damage. This then led to later stages in the fight where it released spores of multiple enemies and would become enraged and perform drop attacks. My saving grace was the fact that killing the smaller enemies would grant me health.

Cat’s All Folks!

As you can probably tell, Hunter’s Legacy is a tough game. However, the difficulty relies on your gaming skills and not your ability to memorize sequences of events. I rather had fun testing out my abilities to fight, explore terrain, and solve puzzles all at the same time. That being said, some parts are truly infuriating even for hardcore old-school gamers who love a challenge (such as myself). A couple parts in particular stand out as a-paw-lingly difficult. One of them, that I played for almost an hour, involves having to chain together a sequence of platforming maneuvers, all the while taking out a handful of pretty tough enemies,  then ascend a column full of random electric charges that can (AND WILL) make you fall all the way to the bottom, only to start all over again. It can get ridiculous and very time consuming for gamers that have to beat the part before finally giving up.

Depending on your skill, Hunter’s Legacy can be beaten in around six/seven hours. While the combat is simplistic and easy to learn, overall the gameplay is solid with responsive, smooth controls. You can find its story almost anywhere in any form of media, but it’s also the type of story that never gets old. Seeing as the title is only $7 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now, it’s hard not to recommend it to fans of Metroidvania titles.

Hunter's Legacy Review
The Paw-some
  • Tight controls
  • Fun art style and Stage design
  • KITTYS!!!
The A-Paw-ling
  • Lack of major story
  • Backtracking can be kind of tedious
8.5Overall Score
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