TT and Warner have officially announced 3 new sets for the 8th wave of characters coming to Lego Dimensions. Included are a pair of fun packs, a new level pack, and a few iconic characters from movies both old and new.

The new level pack will feature The Goonies. The player will make their way through the levels based on the iconic 80’s movie, visiting familiar areas like the pirate’s lair, Mikey’s house, and the Goon Docks. The pack includes a mini figure of Sloth, a skeleton pipe organ,and One-eyed Willie’s ship.

Following that is another Harry Potter fun pack, featuring the Hermione alongside Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Buckbeak can even be re-shaped into falcon and giant owl variations.

Lastly, a new Lego City fun pack features Chase McCain from Lego City Underground with a police chopper that can change into both a plane or a hovercraft.




These figures will be available May 9th.


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