The new PlayStation 4 system software update has been detailed by Sony. Currently, only members of the beta program will have access to the update, but it will roll out across all systems at a later date. Sony, did break down all the features of the new update so lets take a look.

Update 4.50 will bring with it a better user experience, adding important features like external HDD support and custom wallpapers. One problem we all face is running out of space on the hard drive, with Update 4.50 players will be able to store game on an external HDD that can be connected to the PS4 with a USB 3.0. Games and apps can be stored on the external HDD, however, all save files will remain on the PS4 HDD.

Players will now have the option to customize their home screen to their hearts desire with custom wallpapers. Screenshots from any game can be set at the wallpaper, leaving all text and icon easily visible. Additionally the Quick Menu will receive some improvements such as taking up less space on your screen and will allow players to quickly access Party features. If you are really active on PS4, those notifications can be a pain and will stack up. With Update 4.50 all notifications will be condensed into an easy-to-read list.

One feature that Sony is upgrading is the ability to post on PlayStation Network Activity Feeds. Interact with friends via posts, share screenshots or gifs straight to the Activity Feed. Lastly, PlayStation VR owners will now be able to watch 3D movies with their PS VR headset.

More details and features included in the PlayStation 4.50 Software update will be available at a later time, but take a look at these in the images below.


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